Tagalog Lang: 4.4.17

Hey guys! I’m Kim and this is Aiko but you probably can’t tell because we’re not in video form.

Today Aiko and I wanted to give you guys a formal Tagalog lesson instead of a video full of silly skits. We’re going to go over all of the Tagalog Lang episodes and teach you how to put together everything you learned (or not learned)!


How to say “Hello/ How are you?”

Generally speaking if you want to say “hello” or “how are you?” in Tagalog you say:



However, in the Philippines you can say how are you in multiple different ways. Let’s say you are strolling in your neighborhood and you pass your sweet old neighbor. It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear:

“Magandang umaga/hapon/gabi, kumain ka na?”

Which means “good morning/afternoon/evening, have you eaten?” Of course you shouldn’t be greeting everyone like this because that would be weird and we wouldn’t want people calling you a weirdo because that’s mean and they no one deserves to be called weird. Even you.


How to say “My name is___. Who are you? [What’s yours?]”

If you guys actually stop laughing at our ridiculous skits for like 5 seconds you might remember that that in order to introduce yourself and ask the name of the person you’re speaking to you say:

“Ako si (insert name here). Sino ka?


This is just one of the ways to introduce yourself but you can also say:

“Ang pangalan ko ay (insert name here). Sino ka?

Which translates into “my name is (insert name here). Who are you?”


How to say “want/ like” and “not want/dislike”

Ok so like this is due in 10 minutes and AIKO IS BREATHING DOWN MY NECK [no i’m not]. So I will just summarize. To say “want/ like” you say:


And to say “not want/dislike” you say:



The general structure for this is: gusto/ayaw+noun+”ng”+the thing you like/ dislike

e.g . Gusto ko ng Jolibee

Now you might be wondering, “But Kim what does that ‘ng’ word mean?” and my response is don’t worry about the details too much for now. Just follow the guidelines and you’ll be, as the kids say, “gucci”. [Aiko rolls her eyes]


Aiko: Kim… do they even know nouns?

Kim: Oh no! I forgot to teach them! Let’s make a video!

Aiko: Kim, no! We have to post this in 30 minutes!

Kim: You’re right! I’ll just make a table!


Noun table:

English Tagalog English Tagalog
I/Me Ako We Tayo (inclusive), kami (exclusive)
You Ikaw You Kayo
He/she siya They Sila


Aiko: Kim, that chart makes no sense…

Kim: It will in our next video…
Thanks guys! I hope this makes are ridiculous videos make more sense! We will be releasing our regular videos starting next week don’t worry!



Aiko: Lol we never got around to our regular videos… woops, sorry y’all! Ya know, if you come to Tagalog Coffee Hour on Mondays at 4pm at St. Mary’s Hall Basement we might be able to help you out 😉

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